Friday, 11 June 2010

Nadinoo and new background...

Hi all, so I've got a new inspiration to share with you. I also have a new background I'm trialling...hmm, I'm not so sure, sometimes I quite like to keep things a tad simple. Its probs going to change again sometime soon!

More importantly, my new inspiration! I've reading up on Sally Jane Vintage I find myself constantly backtracking through the older posts because it's a pretty good read! I've come across a homegrown London based designer that goes by the name of Nadinoo. Her pieces are absolutely gorgeous! If I could afford it, this is potentially what I would wear everyday...

Fleur's Button Short £95

Fleur's Petal Dress £130

Pixie's Silk Petal Bouse £145
(although I really love the shorts too!)

This one has no label, however I think it's lovely.

These pieces are all part of Nadinoo's S/S10 Collection. You'll notice how she's labelled each piece with the names Pixie, Fleur (and Lula, which didn't make the cut here!) which I think is adorable. By the looks of things I'm a Fleur girl. Nadinoo also uses a large selection of Liberty print fabrics from Liberty of London, which makes me lust after them even more. 

On a further note, I've got plans for my own sewing projects that I hope to be starting in the next few months. I just ordered two Woman's Weekly sewing patterns from ebay. I hope that shorts, rompers and jumpsuits will be entering my wardrobe very shortly!

ttfn darlings

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