Tuesday, 22 June 2010

70s romanticism

I'm sat in my room painting my nails (a gorgeous pastel pink) and intermittently listening to the new Kate Nash album and Karen Elson. Not a bad evening.

I thought I'd share my recent finds/ buys from the weekend. First off are my newly acquired Shelly's of London 70s wooden sandals...

This is following my recent post about clogs, still want some more wedge-like ones, but for my now I am content with these.

My other 70s piece that I would like to share is this 70s maxi that my Mum picked up for me in Chichester on a visit. I got it when I went back to my home this weekend, it's quite fantastical....

It really reminded me of the lovely pieces that Ossie Clark and Bill Gibb were creating back in the late 60s and 70s. 

Ossie Clark collage

Reams of glorious florals, beautiful summer days lounging seductively in an array of floating fabrics. Sounds like bliss. This might be another piece I will be putting in my Ebay store/ market stall that I have in the ethers of my mind at the moment. We'll have to see, it's pretty dreamy.

Altogether, my trip home was lovely. We had blue skies and yellow sunshine everyday. Which is rather fantastic for the British countryside. My Mum and I scavenged car boot sales and charity shops for more vintage finds for my shop-to-be. After, we all (my older brother included) enjoyed ice creams in the garden. It was lovely. I was really sad to be going back to London though. I love London, but my holiday weekend went much too fast and I'm looking forward to our proper family holiday in the coming weeks where we can all relax some more, and perhaps even go on some more vintage-scavenging adventures.

My additional  buy this weekend was July's British Vogue...

I have been a loyal Vogue reader for the past couple of years, ensuring that I don't miss a single issue. I'm rather regretting this now. In the past 6 months, I really don't know how impressed I have been with Vogue. I still enjoy the pretty pictures and the odd feature, but somehow I'm feeling less drawn to the concepts and perhaps even the fashion direction the magazine has taken. It could be that my own tastes are evolving and not the magazine. For now though I am still as loyal as ever and shall persist with Vogue but perhaps broaden my horizons and take a new magazine under my wing also.


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  1. Gorgeous shoes and dress!

    Lately I've been *loving* Elle magazine...