Thursday, 17 June 2010

1930s glory

Lately, I've been really fascinated by the 1930s/ 1940s. There's something very British about tea dresses and lovely floral prints that I love. Perhaps it's because my research project is based around the 30s and 40s that I'be become somewhat obsessed by this period, or perhaps its a wonderful film I've recently seen called Cracks.

 It's a really great film starring Eva Green, Imogen Poots and Juno Temple. I love so many things that Juno Temple is in (Atonement for one!). But the actress that really caught me in this is Eva Green. There is something really eerie about her in this film, turning it into the kind of film where you have watch something else after it so you don't feel so weirded out anymore!

(ignore the trainers!)

The costumes were also just amazing, full of lovely floral prints, head scraves, sailor trousers, completely magical. These pics really aren't great and don't do the film (or its costumes the justice it deserves!) 

This last one was one of my favourite outfits, it's so androgynous but Green really manages to pull it off, it really makes me want a Baker Boy cap. However, I think this would be a bad idea as the result would probably be more akin to Oliver Twist than androgynous chic!

I hope to be posting pictures of my progress with the shorts very soon. I also can't wait to share a recent shoe purchase via ebay, hope they get delivered soon!


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