Friday, 15 October 2010

ethereal lace

I had promised to show you my inspired piece from the tba collection, but I am having mild computer issues. Instead I thought I would share a recent thrift-find...

I love the layering of this dress, although it is quite transparent despite the slip. Think I'm going to need to find another less see-through slip to replace it with before I can wear it, other than that its lovely.

I really need to be getting on and writing my dissertation, but at the moment it's procrastination time. I annoy myself! This weekend I'm going to take a little break from work so I can be fresh eyed and bushy tailed starting Monday (this, however, is the way of the procrastinator, always planning things for another day).

Hmmm, I might even make more pumpkin pie, I love October activities.

Right I'm actually going to be productive now. Have a beautiful weekend.


Thursday, 14 October 2010

oh alexa...

So this is a super late ode to Alexa for Madewell, but better late than never right?

Partly, I just like this image, what lovely green grass and glorious daisies. But no, really this dress is just amazing. Black velvet and a beautiful peter pan collar. It is quite special. So sad, I wish there was Madewell in the UK. A little bird told me we were going to get Forever 21 over here, is this a good thing? I hear it's kind of like a Primark/ New Look hybrid, could be interesting. Definitely curious!

I previously posted about sewing an inspired tba velvet dress (its all about velvet dresses and collars at the moment for me if you hadn't already noticed!). The dress is finished and I shall be posting some pretty pics tomorrow once I've cleared some space from my camera.


Monday, 11 October 2010

favourite things post...window boxes

At the moment I am in love with window boxes, crazy I know, I really must be having a somewhat late/ early spring phase...

sooo pretty, especially this last one. I know it's more of just a box, but it gives me hope that you don't need a special window for it, maybe I could get a flower basket instead...hmmm


Alexandra Grecco Spring 2011

I know it's pretty early to be writing about Spring 2011 but I already feel inspired by this beautiful Alexandra Grecco film for next year. It's ethereal magic is absolutely darling.