Tuesday, 10 August 2010

world war II nurses and plans for the week...

Although my posts have been few and far between at the moment I honestly have been working :) including dealing with bits and bobs for my etsy shop. I really hope to have it up and running really soon, I'm nearly there with it all!

I'm also super excited about plans for the next few days (well Friday onwards really). It's my birthday on Friday and my Ma and I will be heading off to Vintage at Goodwood. I really can't wait and have been trying to decide what to wear all day, alongside doing uni work of course! I'll keep it a surprise for now. I'm spending Saturday with the boy and then on Sunday a few us are going to All Star Lanes on Brick Lane which is an awesome American Diner which also has a bowling alley. They do amazing milkshakes in there so it should be a giggle.

Sorry, no outfit posts this week, so instead I thought I'd share some of my dissertation research with you. I am currently doing an MA in History and Culture of Fashion and have chosen to research the evolution of nursing uniforms primarily around WW2. I can't share my personal research images unfortunately but here are some that I found online which are pretty cute 

This last one is my favourite. I think nursing uniform looks so glamorous, seems such a shame that nurses today just wear pyjama style overalls, though I'm sure they are much more comfortable and practical!



Wednesday, 4 August 2010

karen elson in dazed & confused

I got Dazed at the weekend. I don't always go for this magazine, but I have to admit, the minute I saw the Karen Elson interview in this issue I was sold...

I especially love this last black lace dress which is Marc by Marc Jacobs.

I'm thinking I need to organise this blog a little better so I shall be working on doing regular posts or maybe regular features. Need to have a brainstorm. I'm also currently working on getting my shop together. The outlet for the shop will probably be through Etsy as they have managed to do currency conversion  up there now, which was my biggest worry as a seller based in the UK. I am also picking up a clothes rail later on today which I'm super excited about. I have vintage coming out my ears and I simply need to get more organised. I also really need a mannequin for dressmaking and the like, if know anyone who's selling one let me know!


Sunday, 1 August 2010

straw hat and vintage

Long time no see. I really wish I had more time for blogging, but with my studies and part time job it's really difficult to fit it all in along with gathering stock for my shop and the odd bit of sewing.  But hopefully I'll find a routine with it soon enough.

This weekend I have had to return to my family home to look after my Mother's pony which means lots of riding and mucking out, ultimately tiring yet it's lovely to be out in the fresh air away from the city fumes. I have also manage to take in and re-hem a vintage find (see below). It's such a comfortable piece perfect for hot summer days. It might go in the shop, but then again, it might not. I really love it for its versatility and it looked great with the straw hat I found of my Mother's.

These photos aren't that great as I unfortunately don't have my fabulous photographer here this weekend. So I had to do the old timer on the camera on the tripod, rushing back and forth. Definitely makes the task slightly more difficult!

I also wanted to share this trailer for a new movie 'Coco Chanel and Igor Stravinsky', I don't know much about it but I am certainly intrigued....