Wednesday, 4 August 2010

karen elson in dazed & confused

I got Dazed at the weekend. I don't always go for this magazine, but I have to admit, the minute I saw the Karen Elson interview in this issue I was sold...

I especially love this last black lace dress which is Marc by Marc Jacobs.

I'm thinking I need to organise this blog a little better so I shall be working on doing regular posts or maybe regular features. Need to have a brainstorm. I'm also currently working on getting my shop together. The outlet for the shop will probably be through Etsy as they have managed to do currency conversion  up there now, which was my biggest worry as a seller based in the UK. I am also picking up a clothes rail later on today which I'm super excited about. I have vintage coming out my ears and I simply need to get more organised. I also really need a mannequin for dressmaking and the like, if know anyone who's selling one let me know!


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